What People Say

I have attended a workshop facilitated by Milena and I was immensely impressed by her mastery of the subject but moreover by the skills with which she delivered impact through humility, empathy and humour. Very few people have impressed me this way during my career.
Phil Krzyzek
GM Healthcare Poland, Merck
Working with Milena is a delight. The coaching model and platform itself is thorough and at times tough, making it very effective and longlasting. Milena combines her natural warmth and openness with her impressive knowledge, professionalism and insightfulness, pacing the sessions well and ensuring an effective dialogue between coach and coachee, which is key. The experience has helped me grow, both professional and personally.
Synead Boyle
Director International Communication, Tetra Pak
Milena has supported me in a very important transition of my professional life, by understanding who I was and were I was aiming to go she has been able to give me amazing advices which led me to be stronger today and a better version of myself. She is an amazing coach.
Executive Director, Global Financial Institution
I worked with Milena for over a year in her capacity of coach, motivator, strategic thinker, and business entrepreneur. Milena is a super talented, thoughtful, and kind. She listens extremely well and can expand upon your situation in productive and effective ways. Milena’s humanity and soulfulness are extraordinary; her keen mind and knowledge is impressive; and her international perspective is unique. She speaks many languages fluently, has lived around the world, has connections everyplace she has been, and generally practices what she preaches. I could not recommend Milena highly enough.
Ed Klaris
CEO, Klaris Law & Adjunct Professor of Law at Columbia University
Milena is a force of nature. She is both gentle and fierce, curious and kind, playful yet relentless,
all in the service of finding your path. I can’t recommend her highly enough as both a coach and a friend.
Johnny Beveridge
Banker, Fund Manager, Commercial Pilot
Milena is a competent and professional coach and the moment I started working with her I have witnessed a sudden improvement in the way I communicate and I could get myself unstuck from stagnant situations. Very important skill Milena has is the ability to transfer complex concepts thanks to her high communication skills. I have appreciated the way she personalised my coaching journey and all the different perspectives I could explore, which resonate with my personality. Invaluable support Milena, thank you!
Julia Victoria Ruiz
After Sales Service Project Manager, Loro Piana