“I had the pleasure to work with Milena in one of my Team Leadership trainings. During these sessions, she brought her solid facilitator skills, strong coaching experience, full presence and energy in service of our development as a team and individuals. Milena is charismatic and creative, and she thinks outside the box. Milena also impressed me with her commitment to the group as she went out of her way to elicit feedback from the group inviting everyone to share their experiences. It’s this commitment to the people well-being that makes Milena an outstanding coach who empowers her coaches to act.”
– Mauricio Campos Suarez Director
, MSD International GmbH
“I met Milena during a delicate moment in my personal and work life. She helped me by using efficient coaching techniques. Talking to her energizes me and at the same time it pushes me to go deeper with the help of very powerful questions. Working with Milena starts with an interaction with her and it continues between myself and I when the session is over.”
– Anna Billò
, Giornalista Sky
“Milena was born a coach. She brings balance, grounding and genuine care to coaching, creating a safe space for exploring new paths. I can unquestionably recommend her as a coach to anyone who is ready to take the challenge and to welcome results.”
– Federica Lodico Rivetti
, Garden Designer
“Coaching with Milena is like a stroll through my inner world. Using a metaphor, coaching has taught me how to swim, accepting the fact that even if my style is not perfect for others, it is perfect for me! Each session gives me a reassuring clarity that transforms my thoughts into actions.”
– Pina Gandolfi
, Creative Director, Fashion Journalist
“As an art director I had a vision of what I desired, but it was hard for me to focus on the objectives, and this caused a great waste of energies. I decided to start working with Milena to overcome difficulties I encountered in my working life, and I started a journey that not only fulfilled that expectation, but enriched me as a person as well. Milena is an extraordinary travel mate. It’s a natural for her to put her skills and empathy at your disposal. To be welcoming is part of her essence.”
– Filippo Magri
, Art Director
“Milena is a force of nature. She is both gentle and fierce, curious and kind, playful yet relentless, all in the service of finding your path. I can’t recommend her highly enough as both a coach and a friend.”
– Johnny Beveridge
, Banker, Fund Manager, Commercial Pilot
“Milena blends her intuitive insight with a wide range of skills and knowledge to bring impact and transformation to her clients. I came to Milena when I was looking for a mentor coach to help enhance and deepen my own coaching skills. She was masterful at guiding me through the process of my own development in this area, knowing when to challenge and push me as well as when to let me gently make mistakes and learn. She has a high level of empathy and the ability to create deep connections with her clients. She was loving yet fierce, but also fun, playful and constantly curious in the pursuit of my growth. I would highly recommend her as a valuable partner for anyone looking to make a transformation or step change in an area of their life.”
– Nina Beale
, Investment Management
“Credo che lavorare con Milena sia stata la spinta per procedere verso nuove strade e per decidere di affrontare – anche con diversi professionisti- dei temi irrisolti ma a me molto cari. Ciò che ho sicuramente appreso da Milena e che credo sia una grande lezione, è che per progredire non occorre giudicare ne’ giudicarmi, ma ascoltare e capire, gl”
– Giulia Leardi
, Avvocato giuslavorista – Abogato Laboralista – Employment and Labour Lawyer
“I worked with Milena for over a year in her capacity of coach, motivator, strategic thinker, and business entrepreneur. Milena is a super talented, thoughtful, and kind. She listens extremely well and can expand upon your situation in productive and effective ways. Milena’s humanity and soulfulness are extraordinary; her keen mind and knowledge is impressive; and her international perspective is unique. She speaks many languages fluently, has lived around the world, has connections everyplace she has been, and generally practices what she preaches. I could not recommend Milena highly enough.”
– Ed Klaris
, Klaris Law & KlarisIP Adjunct Professor of Law at Columbia University
“Milena mi è stata consigliata come coach per la sua competenza e professionalità, così mi sono affidata a lei per un drastico miglioramento delle mie capacità comunicative nonché per dare una forte sterzata a situazioni stagnanti e di non facile soluzione. Un fattore per me importante è anche e soprattutto la sua capacità di trasferire i concetti. Milena possiede una didattica di elevato livello qualitativo. Ho apprezzato inoltre la personalizzazione del mio percorso per cui mi ha fornito dei punti di vista esclusivi che si sposano e si amalgamano perfettamente alla mia personalità. Sei un validissimo supporto Milena, grazie!!!”
– Julia Victoria Ruiz
, After Sales Service Project Manager presso Loro Piana